How Can You Help Preserve Nature

Global climate change, disappearance of habitat for wildlife, the rising number of animal and plant species being threatened with extinction, waste pollution, contamination of drinking water, oil spills and a number of other harmful effects of human activities on the environment are seriously threatening the well-being of our planet. You may feel helpless against so many environmental problems but you have more power than you may think. And by joining the efforts to keep our planet green, in many ways, such as by using greener building products like a recycled tree seat there is a great chance that at least few people you know will follow your example. They are highly likely to encourage other people to start thinking about their impact on the nature, etc. leading to a powerful movement with a considerable influence. But let’s take one step at a time.

With so many environmental issues, it is not easy to decide where to start first. But it is crucial to start somewhere no matter how insignificant benefits for the environment your nature preserving measure may have. To make things a little bit easier, you should start where you have the greatest power – your home. Saving energy is one of the easiest and most effective ways to help preserve the nature. By switching off the lights, appliances and electronics when not needed, you are making a much greater contribution to the green movement than you may think. Electricity may be a clean energy, however, most of the world’s electricity is generated from fossil fuel burning. And speaking about fossil fuel burning, keep your car trips to the minimum and use public transportation whenever possible. Saving electricity and reducing your vehicle use will not only help preserve environment but will also help you save money.


Responsible waste disposal is another way you can help preserve nature. It is impossible not to produce any waste but it is possible to reduce its harmful impact on the environment. buy an efficient stove which uses wood or multifuel rather than gas. Waste pollution does not only ruin the appearance of the landscape but it also poses a serious risk of soil and groundwater contamination. So sort your waste and throw it away correctly, especially when it comes to hazardous waste the list of which is not that short as you may think. If you are not recycling your waste yet, take some time to inform yourself in which container particular things belong.

Take your holidays and outings in England to reduce your carbon footprint rather than going abroad. Another great way to contribute to the nature preservation efforts is to buy locally produced baobab fruit and organic food. That way you help reduce carbon dioxide emissions related to food transportation, while choosing organic over conventionally produced foods helps reduce the use of chemicals which have been shown to have a devastating impact on the environment as well as human health. Also, try to keep the use of chemicals in your home to the minimum. You do not need a kitchen cabinet full of various chemical cleaning agents nor you need to use a pesticide as soon as you notice a few aphids on your fruit tree or vegetables. Just about all chemicals have environmentally friendly and non-hazardous alternatives which are just as effective but are not jeopardising your health or harming the environment.

Listed above are only a few of many ways you can help preserve nature. Take it on and remember that whatever is good for the environment is good for you too.